Just like a bee needs a flower; a child needs nature.

Brandi Rondinelli

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Dandelion Wreath

Dandelions are everywhere now. Time for the “golden crown”! Beautiful, yellow… To make it these simple instructions follow:

Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard of the scavenger hunt? It’s similar to the maths trail that I posted the last time. This time the children have to find each item on the list only once. Feel free to download the worksheet. How it works: Find each item on the list. Tick the box every time you findContinue reading “Scavenger Hunt”

Maths Trail

We did the maths trail a good while ago as a school assignment. Since the children enjoyed it, I created my own maths trail worksheet as well. Feel free to download it and print it. This activity is suitable for small children who learn (or need to practise) the numerals 1 – 10. On yourContinue reading “Maths Trail”

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